Baking cupcakes with the little one

IMAG0261So, this weekend, my four-year-old niece came over to spend the day with me 🙂 . Like all children, she loves cupcakes and insisted on me making some for her.

Post a very lazy lunch, we went home, and I decided to turn this into a project – something that the two of us could do together.

She was to help me make the cupcakes for herself. This was extremely exciting for her, as I’m told, she loves to cook. But I think all kids love to cook and making their own goodies, so to speak, is very exciting for them!

So, we decided on making some chocolate cupcakes (those being her favourites).

We went with a simple butter icing to top the cake (actually I had some left over from the Hulk cupcakes), so we just decided to use that. The rest of the design contribution on top is all Keisha. She enjoyed herself with the sprinkles and sugar flowers, both eating them as well as using them for the decorations 😉 .

Have a look at her works of art in the slideshow below!

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Hulk Cupcakes

So today we made our very first thematic cupcakes! HULK cupcakes!


Really, really enjoyed making them with Ekta and am looking forward to many more such thematic projects. Oh, ya! And I almost forgot to mention, the cupcakes are beer-batter cupcakes, made for the birthday of a friend of a friend. He is a Hulk fan and loves beer….. beer-battered Hulk cupcakes! Works very well actually, with a buttercream frosting.

Being Hulk fans ourselves, the whole project was pretty exciting for us all, with Ekta and me doing the icing, and using Milind and Mihir’s expertise to figure if we were on the right track with the representations.

hulk cupckaes

Loads of fun…… and looking forward to lots more!

Some of the Early Yumminess

These are picture of some of the earlier umm…. experiments………. so to speak.

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These are pictures predominantly of baking and desserts. There’s been lots of other food also which we’ve experimented on but somehow forgot to take good pictures 😦 . Will regularly update going forward.

Beads etc.

Let’s start at the very beginning……….. the inception of “out of the trinket box”.

It started off as beads etc., a little something started by my sister, Ekta and me……. actually, the whole “obsession” with beads was really Ekta’s, which then kinda caught on to me as well 🙂 .

All it took, really, was a readymade, seed-bead necklace to break. Ekta kept the beads …. played around with them a bit ….. and voila! there was her first creation! the bead fever was very infectious and the two of us soon got swept up in a whirlwind of beads …… glass beads ….. wooden beads ….. metal beads ….. bone beads ….. little beads ….. big beads …….oh!

We learnt on our own …… mom taught us some bits …… experimentation the other bits. Wearing our little creations drew appreciation from friends. Their encouragement…..well…….encouraged us! This, of course, sparked the till-then-dormant entrepreneurial gene (an integral part of every Gujju’s genetic make-up) and we started to make more …… and then sell them! And they sold …. and sold …. and sold! In select stores …. in college fests (Kaleidoscope!) …. through family …. through relatives …. through friends …. thanks to everyone who helped us along the way!

all kinds of beads

Let’s stop to say a special thank you to a select few who really, really helped in this journey. Ekta, of course, for sparking the interest; Mom, for putting up with the mess, for helping us meet deadlines and just about everything; Masi, for making so many necklaces to help us complete orders in time; Kinjal, who stayed up night after night with us, matching us bead for bead, necklace for necklace; Milind, for lugging along kilos of stuff whenever we went on our beads-shopping frenzies; DariusArtifoiHemangkaka and Sangitakaki, for selling endless quantities of our jewellery in their store; Lakshmi, for making the long “Kaleidoscope days” fun and filled with laughter …… phew! All done, methinks.

So anyway, then post-grad happened and gone were those days……beads lay forgotten 😦 .

That brings us to today. Well, about a year ago, mom returned from a trip to South Africa with beautiful necklaces for us. Looking at them fuelled the dormant embers for the love of beads and jewellery once again!

Out came the beads, the tools and all……..

Bitten by the Food Bug

Hi, and welcome to our latest passion ………………… food! Actually, to say latest would be a bit misleading, seeing as food is something we have always loved. But I guess, it is something which we have only recently started looking at seriously from a business potential.

Cooking is something that I have always loved. However, I really got into it after getting married, primarily because of my husband (Milind’s) love for food. I cooked and he happily ate 🙂 !

Anyway, over the last few months I have been really experimenting and The Gang are my guinea pigs … my tasting team! Having given this some serious thought, we’re actually looking at starting something in the next couple of months. The plan is to start with a home bakery kind of setup, and then we’ll figure how to take it from there.

Here is where you will get previews to our products and can just have a look at some of the stuff we’ve made.

Feedback and suggestions, as always, is much appreciated 🙂 .